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The Romantic Period of Music

The Romantic Period of music took place between the years of 1800-1900 and centered mostly in Europe.

Here are some pictures of the types of clothing people in the Romantic Period wore:

During this period, composers began to write something called "program music." This type of music is music that tells a story without words. Beethoven was one composer that enjoyed writing program music and is considered the composer that invented it by telling a "story" in the beginning of his third symphony. This is a famous painting of the composer, Beethoven:

During the Romantic Period of music, musicians tried to stretch their boundaries. They tried new musical ideas and wrote music for new combinations of instruments to be played together. Composers of the Romantic Period of music looked for new creative ways to express themselves in these ways. This is a picture of what a musical score written by a Romantic Perod composer looked like:

Think of how different this score of music looks than the score of music on the Renaissance Period of music page!

Public music concerts continued to be very popular and all different types of people, rich or poor got a chance to hear music during the Romantic Period! Some music historians argue that music from the Romantic Period make the audience "feel" the most as they listen to the creative compositions of the Romantic composers.

Here is a "bobble-head" of the Romantic Period composer, Johannes Brahms:

Ballet dancing became very popular during this period of music and many famous Romantic pieces of music continue to be used in ballet programs today.

Famous Composers of the Romantic Period:

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