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The Classical Period of Music

The Classical Period of music took place in the years 1750-1800 and centered mostly in Europe. Before the Classical Period, musicians and composers were mostly only able to play their music in the houses of the rich and in churches. It was during this time period that musicians began to play more for the public and public concerts became more popular.

Here is a picture of what a concert could have looked like during the Classical Period of music and the types of things people of that time wore:

Here is a painting of what a public concert of the Classical Period looked like:

During this period of music, music was not supposed to be hard to listen to. Composers wrote their music for people to sit, listen to and enjoy.

Here are a few pictures of what a musician composing (writing music) and conducting (leading the instrument players) looked like during this time period:

To make their music nice to listen to, composers wrote shorter, simpler phrases into their music. Remember that a phrase in music is like a sentence. It is easier to remember and was a lot easier for the people in the audience to remember and enjoy.

One of the most important inventions that changed music forever was the invention of the piano in 1700! The piano became a very popular instrument to play and also became very popular to listen to at concerts duing this time! Infact, many of the famous composers from the Classical Period of music, like Mozart, played the piano.

Click Here to Hear Ms. Sharchuk Singing an Italian Song Coposed by Mozart!

Here are some pictures of what the first pianos invented in 1700 may have looked like. How do they look different from the pianos we see today?

Famous Composers of the Classical Period:

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